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    The Transkor company is a general partnership with private family transport enterprise existing on the market from 2005. The business was built from scratch, starting from the international transport carried out by one truck. Thanks to our hard, persistent work and leading constant investments in the development of means of transporting today the company is holding:

– 135 cars with semitrailers of the type MEGA (13.6 m length, 2.5 m width, 3 m height what is giving 100 m3 of the cargo area),
– 20 Jumbo cars (7.7 +7,7 m of the length, 2.5 width + sides, 3 m height what is giving 120 m3 of the cargo area),
and farther is developing.

We achieved experience providing services for big and of european smaller companies.

With the chief contracting party these are as many as 10 years of cooperation.
We are a reliable carrier with an established market position with years of experience in the provision of transport services.
We can cooperation across Europe (in addition BY, RUS)
We propose you the best quality of conducted services, the safety as well as the professionalism. Our efforts were appreciated already by many customers, and in addition we were favoured in the Polish opinion poll of the Pulse of the Business as the „Gazelle of the Business of 2008”.
At present we are considering enlarging our means of transporting, we are trying to recruit new contracting parties also and to lead to permanent, long-standing contracts the rally.
All trucks are equipped with the first-class system of the positioning GPS what is facilitating direct and constant monitoring of the vehicle (of cargo) so that always reach on time into the place fixed by the customer.
We are employing over 30 experienced and truly competent drivers caring for the high standard of provided services.
Vehicles are available entire year except for period 22 of December – 3 January.

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